The American Paradigm

I believe that America is looking through a lens that is blocking citizens from seeing the entire truth. What is the truth? America is not as amazing and healthy as we might think. I think that Americans only see what they are presented in the media. Many are unaware of what is happening around the globe because they are so sheltered from seeing what is real and truly scary. This is the American paradigm.

Not only are your typical Americans being sheltered from the outside world, but from what is happening in their own country as well. Why do we only see what we want to see? We as a society are shaped by our surroundings within our media, events, culture, and religion; Essentially, we are shaped by who we are as an “American.” Something needs to shift in this mindset so that our eyes can be opened to the consumeristic nature of our society so we can focus on sustainability in our environment. Because we are so focused on other things, our earth is fading fast. The first step is breaking through that American paradigm to see what is going on in our world and how we can go about fixing it. It all starts with that shift in mindset and taking action now.

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