What’s your paradigm?

Blog 2

I do not think I had heard the word paradigm before class on Friday. I was surprised by how much weight it held in meaning without even realizing it. During our reading and discussion in class I was confused about its exact meaning, so I had to do some research to make sure I fully understood what a paradigm is. Paradigms to me, are your personal concepts, thoughts, or outlook on the world through the influence of your culture, home, job, and society. This affects the way we carry ourselves in life and the way we perceive and handle different situations. Everyone has their own look on life and how they handle it, which affects how we see wicked problems and the world. It all seems to be connected in a way, that are paradigms determine how we feel about an issue and what we will do to help. If you were raised that global warming or some of the major issues our world is facing today, are not a problem then you do not see them as wicked, or you see them as world ending problems. My paradigm as guided me through life, and just in the short time we have had in this class, it is beginning to change and see the human race and Earth differently. We have to see how the world is ever changing, and to grow with the Earth to begin and continue to make our lives sustainable for mother nature.

There are a lot of things we do or can do to be more sustainable in ourselves to be better for the Earth. One thing I had never thought would help or something we did in class, is meditation. I have never been the type to mediate because my thoughts drift, and I struggle with keeping my mind clear. And it never occurred to me, until our reading, that becoming sustainable within yourself can lead to better practices for the Earth. The meditation at first was not something I enjoyed because I felt uncomfortable and my thoughts could not settle down. But once we continued to do it and try different techniques I was able to relax and focus on my breathing and let my thoughts fade out. It was such a cool experience and activity to do in class, and it has made me feel calm throughout the day. There are so many other simple tasks we can do individually to better ourselves, to save the Earth instead of us being the ones hurting it. Paradigms and mediation work within each other in a way, and if we can use both of them to save planet Earth and ourselves it would be foolish to not try it. In the short two weeks of this class, it was opened my eyes and changed the way I look at our society and planet now. We need to make the planet a priority and make change before it is too late.

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