Wicked Mindful Peace

As we are approaching the third week of this course I have definitely noticed a change on how I view the issues that I personally face and that our world faces. I am starting to sit down and thoroughly think through issues by simply thinking about them, writing them down or talking about it. I also have noticed that meditation has impacted me as well, I notice myself wanting to meditate more and actually taking action. I have always been afraid of meditation because I tend to think down the rabbit hole and think about things that upset me. Although I know that could be healthy, but for me it really puts a damper on my mood and it is hard for me to stop thinking about those problems. Dr. Armstrong has changed my perspective of meditation, the way she talks to us during the meditation soothes me and gets me focused. She mentioned the app called stop, breathe and think and I downloaded it as soon as we left the classroom. Since I am a beginner with meditation I need a guide to get me going and to keep me focused, this app helps calm my nerves before a test and it has even put me in a better mood when I have been upset. I am a firm believer that meditation could change the world.

Another thing we went over in week two is paradigms; a paradigm is a persons beliefs, customs, values, etc. that form who they are without conscious thought. I think this falls with sustainability issues because people won’t change their bad habits and or beliefs because that is apart of their personality. As humans we tend to get stuck in our minds with our issues and we become stubborn and hard headed, I know form experience when I have too much thought and opinions in my mind I tend to be more on edge. I believe everyone has experienced that issue and if they stop and think about the real big issues in life we can live on a safe and clean earth. Which brings me back to meditation; I believe, as we discussed in class, people should be more mindful. Being mindful allows subjects like global warming to become clear in a persons mind, but what if people are too scared of the truth? Is being unmindful the source to all of our issues?

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