Gaining Perspective

This past week of class has been very dense and it seemed like a heavy week. Although, the new acts of mediation that we explored helped tremendously with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Meditation with music provided me with a new way to rid my mind of unnecessary thoughts that only brought negativity. The different instruments during this meditation allowed my brain to focus on several unique sounds and be calm in the moment that I was currently in. The next act of meditation that I enjoyed exploring was mediation with an object. It was a wonderful experience to fully engage myself into this object which would typically be found in nature. My object was a stick that looked like it had quite the journey in its life thus far. This soothing meditation allowed me to imagine the small branch in a tree in the beauty of nature. I had imagined myself possibly having a previous encounter with this stick. I may have been taking a walk or a hike and this stick was in a tree above watching me. It may have examined how content and at peace I was with myself at this moment. This imagination reminded me to take time for myself and my body and allow myself to live more freely in each moment that I encounter. These acts of mediation also allowed me explore the next topics we covered in a more peaceful and open-minded way.

Approaching and changing our direction to sustainability in fashion will not be an easy process for us, but it is vital in order to live accordingly in this world. Fashion is something that we know will never be the same and will continue to change and that is why we as a society must keep up in a sustainable way. This is a continuous and vicious cycle that never stops, which is exactly why it is viewed as a wicked problem. Society is over consuming and wasting products which eventually lead to this problem. Many of these people do not realizing that they are potentially wasting these products when they donate them to goodwill or other thrift like stores, but the matter of the fact is that not many people want used clothes anymore. We are becoming greedier and only want the new/latest thing, if anything. One way in which I would attempt to handle this problem is by making better products that are sustainable and better for the environment rather than focusing on making it long lasting. It is difficult to even make something long lasting nowadays due to how fast it will go out of style. Going off this idea, we also need to explore design in a healthier way which is safe to dispose. We must be creative and understand that this is not only fashion, but our life.

The industry affects consumerism with production, then we eventually get rid of the product and produce waste. A huge aspect of this whole problem that often is overlooked is under-consumerism. Environmental degradation is a vast issue and many are blaming this predicament on poverty. The poor are forced into unsustainable practices like farming, and clearing rainforests, for their own survival. It is crucial that the government steps in and sets regulations. It is also our job as society to be aware of this issue in order to prevent the problem from worsening. A huge thing that stuck out to me in the taking sides reading was that the benefits of organizing must outweigh the maintaining. In order to succeed at this, we must explore creative solutions. The government must step in and make the economical side of things better in these countries. This will hopefully decrease environmental degradation as well due the better economic system. The last thing we can do is assume that the poor is the problem and need to build partnerships with them and local communities all while keeping an open mind. We must interact with those in poverty and gain insight from both perspectives. Solutions are crucial at a time like this and are best found when working together. It is time that we as a society step up.

This week has been very eye opening and a wonderful experience for me personally. I have learned so much and I can now say that I am much more aware of what is occurring around me. I am eager to learn many more solutions and ideas that may potentially take place.


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