Poverty and You

As Dr. Armstrong previously stated, this week was going to be heavy, and it was. Thankfully, we were able to go through this together through thoughtful discussion. Poverty is a difficult subject to discuss gracefully, but we were able to accomplish it. When I was younger, and even before taking this course, I thought of poverty as money, when in reality, it is so much more than not having money. Poverty includes the lack of resources, lack of knowledge, and scarcity of money, knowledge, and resources.

First of all, our time of mindfulness was extremely refreshing this week, especially on Wednesday. I had an important doctor’s appointment earlier that morning that left me with many unanswered questions, so being able to sit and get rid of those thoughts for that short period of time was very needed. I did struggle meditating with the object. I have a feeling it was because my eyes were open and I was distracted by not only the object but also my surroundings. It was interesting to try, but I will continue to meditate without an object in my grasp.

What is it like to be an over consumer? That is a fairly easy question to answer because I am an over consumer. Personally, I consume more than I need too. Retailers, like Forever 21 and H&M thrive of over consumers. It is because of consumers who are always looking for the next big thing at a cheap/reasonable price that these companies are thriving. The poor aspect of fast fashion is that it comes into style and out very quickly, so production occurs just as fast, which does not leave enough time for sustainable thinking or practices. The products that this company produces are poor quality and only last a few wears and washes.  With these products being so poorly made, consumers will continuously purchase items to help them stay in style. Over consumers are feeding this behavior by continuously purchasing these items.

In the taking sides article this week, while reading the No side, I found several different ways that could help with poverty and sustainability. The main idea that stuck out to me was to give these individuals a job helping protect and guard national parks, forests, and different reservations. This will give people the opportunity to work, earn money, as well as protect forests to help protect the environment.

This was a very heavy week, but in my opinion, it was necessary and very eye opening, especially for people in our major to see how we can make a positive change on the world in this area.

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