Fashion and Poverty

We started this week off with meditating at the beginning of each class. This week we tried a different meditating technique that involved using an object. We were given an item from nature to hold while meditating and were guided through the process. I personally did not like this technique. Out of all the ones we have tried, this specific one has been my least favorite. I felt like trying to meditate with the object and being guided was very distracting since we were supposed to be connecting with the object. Although I did not like this type of meditation, I have thoroughly enjoyed other practices that we have tried and I am looking forward to trying new ones.

This past week we read an article about fashion and sustainability and it really opened my eyes to what is going on within the fashion industry, especially because I am wanting to find a career within the industry. When most people think about fashion they do not think of sustainability right off the bat, but fashion has major effects on the environment. There is an enormous amount of pollution that is caused from the fashion industry. It is the second leading cause of pollution, behind oil. Fast fashion is detrimental to the environment. Fast fashion is fashion that changes at a fast pace and is targeted to consumers under the age of 40. Fast fashion causes damage to the environment because it is always evolving and companies are trying to constantly keep up with the trends, fabric goes to waste, and polyester turns to oil and pollutes the air. The amount of resources that are needed in such a short amount of time is excessive and wasteful. Our landfills are being filled with fabrics, electronics, trash, car parts, etc.  However, fashion isn’t the problem, it is people of the industry. The people have the opportunity to make a change and make their companies more sustainable. The stakeholders play a very important role in making companies sustainable. The industry is consisted of under and over consumers. Under consumers are people who consume a low amount of merchandise, and the over consumers are people who buy an excessive amount of merchandise and those people are considered “rich”. I do not think that over consumers produce more of an unstainable environment than under consumers. I believe that it is all relative and over and under consumers contribute to the damage.  I am guilty of throwing clothes out that are “out of style” or I just do not like anymore. After reading this article and learning about how our landfills are becoming over crowded, factories are putting off air pollution, and large amounts of waste, has made be more aware of the problem that is going on within the industry and the environment and I now want to take initiative to help make a change. I want to recycle clothes or give them to people who are in need, so the clothes can be reused. This is not something that can be changed over night, but I think there are steps that can be taken to help fashion a more sustainable industry.

I have always known that poverty is a major issue in the world today, but after reading the article I learned more about poverty and how it can directly effect the environment. I read the “yes” article of the two sides, and I read about how poverty causes damage to the environment. Many poverty stricken people cannot help it and often times are stuck and cannot get out of it. Poor people use the natural resources to live and by doing that damages the environment and diminishes resources. Poverty is due to lack of employment, however if people that hold leadership positions can go into poverty stricken places and help train people to work a certain trade can decrease unemployment, as well as helping people make some money to try and make their way out of poverty. If people can make their way out of poverty, then they can help save the environment. As sad as it is, poverty is something that can never be completely fixed, but people can try to help one day at a time and by doing that can also help save the environment.

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