fashion, sustainability and meditation

Last week in class we did new forms of mediation, for example on Wednesday we meditated while listening to a song. For me personally it was a lot harder for me to focus and be mindful, although the point was to focus on the music it somewhat made me more anxious. I have noticed that I prefer to be guided through meditation, it keeps me focused and on track, if I am doing it on my own I tend to focus on other things that make me lose train of thought. We discussed a lot about fashion and the problems in the industry, although I am an interior design major I found this very interesting. The reading we had for Wednesdays class discussed problems and ways to solve them, although they could work we need funding from more than just the local store he was aiming for. He discussed that we should have local factories, local repair shops, etc. but where would we get that funding from? To have sustainable products we need funding, peoples tie and support. I find it quiet frustrating that those who are in control of sustainability and who hold the funding do not eat to give it up, but in the long run it will help keep our earth clean and avoid worsening climate changes.

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