Industry Contributions

The industry should play a larger part in contributing to roles in sustainability. Consumerism is a large part of America’s society and there should be change within the government to provide for the over-consumers and under-consumers. Environmental Degradation and poverty are a huge problem in the United States and the way to make change is to start within the major industries.

To achieve this goal and help improve the environment, the government should put an extra tax on large industries to put towards sustainability projects. This should be done because there needs to be change NOW. This can only happen within the industries through passing a law because companies most likely will not donate willingly. Therefore, each year, large industries and corporations can help environmental efforts.

Under Consumers can benefit from this because it could potentially create more jobs in terms of the environmental degradation projects. It could potentially help people escape poverty. Over consumers will benefit from this because it could help people recognize the impact their spending makes as well as help them cut back on their consumption. This could help environmental awareness and poverty with only a law that puts a tax on large corporation and industries.

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