Industry’s role with over and under consumption and its effects on poverty and the environment

Industry has one of the highest amounts of waste due to the over consumption in the world. While the demand for products can outweigh the supple, it can also be at low levels as well causing under consumption. In a world where we have an increasing amount of waste under consuming is not a usual subject at hand. In an article by Stuart Walker he discusses how industry play a role in over and under consuming. Then, in another article by John Ambler, describing what poverty is and how it correlates with environmental degradation.

Overconsuming means to buy products more than what is produced. In other words, the demand out weighs the supply. This causes a problem in the fashion industry because of the amount of waste that comes from people throwing away clothes. This is because of the growing need in the industry to create new products and trends to make more profit and keep up with the generation’s styles. This frequent demand for clothing when focusing on sustainability. The more people consume clothing the more it will impact the environment. A solution he gave for the producers and designers in the fashion industry was to use the materials that they had available and use less materials. In the terms of under consumption, the amount of purchased supply doesn’t meet the amount to the supply produced. In the economic view the industry will result in a recession, a decline in sales and trade. This will also cause the industry to create more waste if the amount of under consumers increases. This can have the same conclusion as over consuming because if we recycle scraps of fabrics we haven’t used of reuse old garments we would decrease the amount of waste in the environment. In the second article the we discussed in class was a taking sides article. The no argument discussed the relationship that poverty has with environments degradation. People that live in poverty in urban areas don’t have the money to use more energy and resources like electricity and water. Things like natural gas and coal that are nonrenewable resources are used to power our light source. Poverty in rural areas have no other choice but to use the natural resources they have around them to live. If the government implemented new polices to help with the less natural sources would be used and poverty levels would decline. The best argument I read in the article was to create new democratic social structures and networks to give people in poverty a voice. This will provide them in aid when receiving access to a healthy environment and resources for sustainable lives.

This will help in the future by providing these people with better jobs and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Developing new polices in the industry will play a role in environmental degradation by increasing productivity with new technologies that make it easier to maintain sustainable. Though the process will take generations to put into full affect, industries should create better ways to produce items and maintain natural resources.

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