Silly Me

If I got anything out of last weeks readings and discussions, I realized that not only does everyone have different thoughts and opinions on how to go about living a sustainable life, but they have different solutions as well. Before last week, I thought everyone was kind of on the same page on solutions (silly me), but I was wrong. I enjoyed this past weeks readings, because I liked getting to hear different perspectives and opinions on topics involving our majors.

I really enjoyed Stuart Walker’s Fashion And Sustainability writing. His writing gave me a new perspective on sustainability that may have changed my point of view. For a while now, I have thought that we should be making products that will last so that we as consumers would not have to worry about buying the product again in the near future. Silly me, again. When I really think about it, I do not think I would even refrain from buying a newer and better product, even if I had just bought one. Unless it is ridiculously expensive. So, a new way to look at this is making products that are not made to last long, but to make them better for our environment. Basically, to make products that follow fast fashion and over consumer habits, but have little impact on our environment. I discussed my reading with a friend at lunch about the reading, and I was not really understanding the relation between workforce employment and fashionable solutions. After discussing it, he helped me realize that if one company were to only make products based on them lasting for as long as possible, they would lose money. This is because while that specific company is only making one fashionable design, another company is coming out with newer and better ones, thus, making more money. I could rant about this reading for a while, but to sum it up, I really am enjoying having a different perspective on fashionable design.

If I am being honest, for some reason, the taking sides Is Poverty Responsible for Global Warming Environmental Degradation reading was really hard for me to follow. I personally do not think that the poor are the number one cause, but they can be put in situations where they make unsustainable choices. Almost like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I am comparing over consumers to under consumers, I always tend to think that over consumers contribute to a lot of our environmental problems. I can also understand how under consumers can possibly contribute to few environmental problems. Some solutions that I think can be made is to give them the opportunity to have housing and contribute to society. At the beginning of the reading, it mentions that the poor may not have much human capital, which I do not agree. Not all poor people lack knowledge, skills, etc and I think it is important that people understand that. They just need to be given a chance to contribute to society and maybe that will make them want to treat it better.

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