We’re all in this together

Dr. Armstrong was not kidding when she said week three was going to be a heavy week, it felt like the work load was never ending. I was so stressed about the investigative report, and I still am, but I panicked and waited until last minute to do it. Major regret. I am a little surprised I was able to finish it all, even though I missed Friday. But it got me thinking about the readings, and how people in poverty do not always have the opportunities that some people get. Poverty is so much more than money, it is a lack of knowledge, awareness, resources, and so much more. I would never have thought that poverty and the environment would affect each other, but once thinking about it I see it now. People who are living in poor conditions and poverty are not area of the damage they are doing to the land, and if they are, there is little they can do to change because they do not have the means. It is devastating that the cycle they are in is never ending for almost all of them, but with the correct polices it could change and the environment with the people could be saved.

One of my favorite readings this class has been the Sustainable Design. It blew my mind to think of fashion in that way. I had never thought about sustainability until this semester and to think about sustainable fashion, I have a whole new outlook on the world. Fashion is such an important part of society today, it affects everyone and is something we all take part in. Fashion is always changing, what is popular today will not be a week from now, it is all about the trends. For that exact reason, it is so difficult to have fashion be sustainable, and just like in the reading it is ridiculous to make something that will last because it never will. At some point though, it seems like it is only about having the best and most new thing, which just keeps us running on the never-ending treadmill. This affects over and under consumers greatly. Over consumers are all buy, buy, buy with no thoughts of their actions that lead to waste and under consumers feeling as if they need to keep up with the trends. All of this, and so much more, work with each other and you cannot have one without the other. Over and under consumers work off each other to keep the cycle of fashion and the trends going, which is another issue with poverty.

Everything intertwining together and working within each other blows my mind each time, but it is because of that exact reason that our world is having issues with sustainability. Just working on and changing one of these aspects could lead to a domino effect to help make a better change.

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