What I have learned so far

As we move into the fourth week of class, I have learned quite a bit about the sustainability and the wealth of wicked problems our world actually has. I realize that, literally, every single thing we do alters the environment in every single way. For example, as I eat a cutie right now and throw away the peel, is it going to be disposed of properly?  Is it going to add to the insane levels of pollution we are currently dealing with? It has been eye-opening to learn how my carbon footprint affects the planet. There are things I have learned about which I never anticipated was as important at this point in my life. Such as (non-biased) poverty is responsible for environmental degradation. As I had to argue the affirmative side this past week, there were numerous points brought to my attention that do, in fact, make sense. Third world populations continue to grow at an exponential rate; this leads to resources depleting at astounding rates.  Another point, in third world countries, the poverty is high, they hold the manufacturing companies that release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. Lastly, while discussing this in class, it was interesting to learn, as we hope to diminish poverty, pollution, like poverty may one day be a thing of the past.

To conclude, I am excited to see what this week in class holds for me and the environment, and to hopefully spread awareness to my peers. The information I have learned in this class will be a wonderful asset to me as I continue on in this amazing planet we call home. My hopes are that we can, one day, be sustainable so that my children and their children will have a clean, safe place to grow up and live in.

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