wicked controversy

Coming from someone who has known for quite a while that they wanted to work in the fashion industry, it significantly bothered me that there are so many ways it negatively impacts the environment and some people working in it. I realized all of these issues throughout my college career in my classes and while doing research and it made me want to help make a change. While I was in New York City for the study trip last fall, sustainability was one of the primary topics at every company. They all know it is an issue that is becoming more and more important to consumers, and it seems as if they are trying to adapt. That was promising to me, but I know that’s just a small percentage. I know that the majority of large scale manufacturing companies will never take the time, money, or initiative to become greener and more ethical unless it is demanded of them. I know this solution doesn’t always seem realistic or favorable among people, but I believe there should be enforced laws. I think it’s not OK how these companies are functioning, and we should have a lot more regulations against these unethical practices. I understand that the solutions are expensive, but I also know that most of these giant companies have the money it takes to do it. They are just selfish. I all comes back to how much they care. We have to make them care.

This week we also talked about how poverty effects the environment. I have conflicted opinions about this topic because I know most people in poverty in third world countries have literally no control over their circumstances. They aren’t thinking about how their actions effect the environment because they are just trying to survive. These countries can only help the issue when more developed countries are helping them to. Because of this I think the bigger part of the problem by far is the richer people that know entirely what they are doing, but just aren’t making attempts to change it. Poverty is an entirely different wicked problem that needs to be solved by itself because the impoverished can help the earth.

During meditation this week I had mixed results. I have a lot of trouble focusing on one specific thing especially when I’m sick and can’t stop sniffling or coughing which was the case last week. I already discussed how I have way too many thoughts as it is. Music brings out too much of an emotional response in me for me to focus on the individual aspects of it. However, I enjoyed the meditation with the item from nature. I had a twig, and when I opened my eyes I actually saw the stick in a different light. I saw it for the beauty of it. I analyzed all the different markings and colorings on it. I observed the texture and where it had been broken. I found it incredibly interesting and was able to focus on it for quite a while. That actually managed to relax me.

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