The Importance Mindfulness Plays on Finding Solutions

In order to solve the wicked problems that humanity created, multiple measures need to be taken. Design has the ability to change the current state of the environment and society through the influence of new sustainable ideas. Fashion and design have the power to influence the means of society. This being said, industry should use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of sustainability. Design should shift towards green solutions, with clean water, use of renewable resources, and less consumption. The idea of fat free design promotes sustainability through using only the essential components of an object. Another way to promote sustainability is by following the design that nature already provided for society. Through the use of this, biomimicry is coming into play. Biomimicry is the practice of designing by imitating elements of nature to solve the environmental degradation that society caused. The industrial system should be waste free and focus on reusing and recycling. Through this, products and designs have a continuous lifecycle creating the idea of cradle to cradle. In order to be efficient with the wicked problems we discussed in class, all individuals need to be aware of the sustainable issues at hand and act now. Leadership is essential in order to find a solution.

This leadership needs to first take place within the government and economy. In order to make a true change, the government needs to take action and lead the nation into a more sustainable future. In order to truly do this, these wicked problems need to be taken seriously. The economy of the United States should be a reuse economy and adapt to change as society changes. Ways for the economy to adapt is by increasing taxes or the price of resources that are causing carbon emissions and pollution. The government could also implement policies and laws that encourage sustainability. Individuals should pay the price for their actions that account for environmental destruction.

It essential that industry realizes that nature is not an unlimited resource. This being said, industry should practice green solutions rather than taking what cannot be returned. There should be a sense of caution through all aspects of industry which includes production, transportation, materials, workplace environment, and waste. Technology is so accessible and advanced that industry should take advantage of technology to create solutions. While some technology is currently being used to promote sustainability, more action needs to take place. Sustainable technological innovations need to be used extensively and universally in order for environmental change to occur.

Eventually, it all comes down to the will of society. We as citizens should change the way we live all together and take action. Even small acts of sustainability have the ability to make a huge difference on the environment. The most change can happen by being slow and smart. While something does need to happen now, formulating such vast change takes time. We also need to be smart and gain awareness by being present and mindful of our current actions. Individuals should understand what they can do and do it. We as a society have such a passion for places, so why not preserve such things so the future can enjoy such places as well. If we heal the environment, we can then heal humanity and truly make a change.

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