A Future In Sustainable Design

As this course is winding down and coming to an end, my sustainability future is just now beginning. Just during the short time that I spent in this class, I have already learned so many valuable things that have inspired me to continue learning more sustainable ways. During the final week of this class we finished the movie The Eleventh Hour. I thought that this movie was extremely informative considering that prior to this class, I hadn’t had much experience with sustainability and what living in an environment that is slowly falling apart because of our consumerist actions. I thought that this movie had a very good way with explaining the actions that we as consumers are making. They explained that our actions that we take reflect our values, meaning if we go out and spend our money on a product, we are basically saying that we approve of the way that product was made. The more we buy these products that are negatively impacting our environment, the more that these large companies produce them. However, if we as consumers were to take a stance against these products because of their, the companies producing these contrary products will see their sales going down because of our disapproval. I think that after watching the movie, and hearing the discussions from class, that the problems originate from the consumers, and it can if we have the power to start it, then we have the power to stop it too.


As I continue on with my design career, and continue learning about sustainability, I will look at things differently. I now realized that as a designer, we play a tremendous part in what this world will become. If we were to push more sustainable designs on our clients, or onto our consumers, I think that would in turn lead to consumers becoming more conscientious about our environmental impact. If as designers we could put nature first, and let it become the inspiration for our designs instead of making nature the source of our design, I think everyone would see the world in a whole new way. Since being in this class, I have learned the importance of sustainable design and I am looking forward to incorporating more sustainable features into my future designs.

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