Throughout this course I have a learned a lot about the importance of sustainability, and how the world is being affected by non-environmentally aware individuals. In class, we were taught about what design means, and how we can utilize that in our majors. Design is simply the creation of an object from a human that has the mindset to accomplish their goal; However, sustainable design is a behavior change that focuses more on creating environmental and economical friendly practices.

The 11th hours discusses the different wicked problems in our world, and how being more sustainable or even using sustainable designs will make a dramatic impact if we choose to be more aware. I must admit I wasn’t fully aware of some the unsustainable habits that I had been doing to the earth, until taking this class. Practicing mindfulness and learning about all the different techniques to become more aware of my surrounding has made it easier for me to understand or become a better advocate for sustainable practices.

In my major using these sustainable design practices will help impact the world in a tremendous way by making it cleaner. Using eco-friendly technology, reducing the use of energy consumption, and building sustainable buildings in general are very easy to advocate in my major. It just depends on who is willing to help and solve the problem that will be the tricky part, but if we take baby steps with identifying the problems I believe that we can make a huge impact.

Leonardo discusses what will happen to our Earth if we don’t do anything about this, but a lot of individuals haven’t been aware of these problems until the past couple of years. Practicing sustainable designs is a behavioral change, so if we keep introducing this mindset to younger generations then I believe that we can slowly make a huge change.  I can only hope that individuals start seeing the earth as a beautiful painting instead of a trash can.

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