Emulating Ideas with Nature

Over the past four weeks I have learned an abundance of information that has been very eye opening for me. As I reflect on this time, there are several concepts that stand out to me and make me more aware of what exactly is occurring around me. I am more aware of the idea of being sustainable, being mindful, and also what we as a society need to change in order to live abundantly on this Earth.

I believe that the film, The 11th Hour, played a huge role in this learning experiencing for me. This film explores many wicked problems and the difficulty of these issues, and it starts to get into potential solutions toward the end. It also provided many aspects of sustainable design, one of them being biomimicry. I have heard of biomimicry before but never in this much depth. It is a fascinating concept that we as a planet must adopt and practice religiously in order to live more freely. Biomimicry is the act of designing things, like structures, to mimic nature. We shall build and design our structures in a way that is similar to how nature works, therefore it will cause a significantly less amount of damage to the planet, if any at all. An example of this would be designing a solar powered building that also changes its ways and functions when nature changes seasons in order to adapt fully to the environment. The film also suggested several other solutions toward the government, the industry, and to us as citizens. This is just as much of a leadership issue as it is an environmental issue and that is where the film is targeting the government. The government must take charge of its people and start making them pay. We as a society must shift the way that we act and live to demonstrate to the government and leaders that we do care about this issue occurring in our environment. It is important for us to be educated and get involved as much as possible in order to form solutions. It is absolutely vital that action must take place. With this being said, the last several minutes of the film truly provided me with a sense of hope and allowed me to believe that something could be done to save our environment.

It is clear that measures must be taken in order to find solutions to Earth’s most difficult problems, and none of this is possible without the coming together of humans. All levels must be involved when forming sustainable solutions and designs. We must show awareness, seriousness, and admiration for solving the detrimental issues occurring on our planet today. We must remember exactly where we came from and respect nature and all of its beauty. We have the brains and technology to form solutions for a better life and it is vital that we emulate them. We must recognize that nature is not an unlimited resource and we need to reintroduce a healthier planet.

This film allowed me to reevaluate my life and my actions and pinpoint exactly where my source of hope comes from through all of this. I would have to say that my source of hope for this world comes from my loved ones and the people in my life that mean the most to me. Each of these people are very intelligent and it is amazing to see them all use their brains in such different but creative ways. It is inspiring to have so many joyful, optimistic, and encouraging loved ones in my life. Without this, I would definitely not be where I am today and I would definitely not be near as inspired or motivated as I am. These humans are what give me hope for this earth and make me feel as if I truly have a purpose.

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