Having Some Faith

Throughout this course, my perspective on the Earth, the human race, and sustainability have dramatically changed. This course opened my eyes to a lot of things I was unaware of things I do that need to change if we want to continue living on a healthy Earth. Something else that I was unaware of was that there was such thing as a wicked problem. I thought a problem was just a problem and some were worse than others yes, but no such thing as a wicked one.

I had never heard of the 11thhour, and even though the movie is older now, the problems are just as or even more relevant than they were when the movie was made. This movie is what really got me thinking about all the actions I have done in my life, and how although small, it has made a negative impact on the Earth. I was surprised at how much we could do to help the Earth but don’t. The ways to move forward that they suggested I believe could work, it is just getting the nation to do them will be difficult because no one wants to change their lifestyle. Even though that exact lifestyle is what is killing the Earth. Action must be taken to change our ways to become a more sustainable race, it will be ever changing but it is necessary to save the place we call home. We could have cleaner water, fresh air, and better more reliable resources if we try things differently, such a biomimicry. We could build and do so many things if we look to nature for inspiration, it could change our future forever.

The world needs to become more aware and educated about the situation we are in, and the direction we are headed if things do not change. If we become smarter, more cautious, and more mindful of everything we do and take action to change our designs, the market, and every industry the human race can be here for a long time. It all comes down to us and the way we move forward from here with the new knowledge we have.

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