My Hope

After finishing The 11th Hour, a number of thoughts have stayed with me. I have been thinking about biomimicry, passion for place, redesigning design itself, and where my source of hope is. Last semester in problem solving, we touched on biomimicry. I have always found it to be interesting because before coming to DHM, I have never thought of design in that way and I find it fascinating. I would have never thought to make a bullet train inspired by a kingfisher, or learning how to create sustainable buildings from termites. Every time I read about biomimicry, I think of a goal of mine which is to hopefully create a biomimicry design that people like me can be inspired by and hopefully move forward to create something similar.

I have been thinking of the term frugality in terms of biomimicry and how they can tie together. Being inspired by nature and hopefully creating a design that has little to no impact on the environment is the future of design. It all starts with frugality and using resources that will not tear down our environment, but help us grow. To help our world understand the idea of frugality and biomimicry, I think we need to bring the idea of passion for place to mind. The thought of life itself to me is crazy. How our bodies work, we live on a planet where we can breathe and communicate to everyone around us. All of these things are considered simple but if we could show to world how crazy it truly is and make them realize it, I think that is where passion for place comes in. If we could make everyone realize how lucky we are to have our planet earth the way it is and to somehow put it into perspective, then everyone would maybe understand why the need for new and different ways of design are needed. When I think if redesigning design, I think of turning towards biomimicry and green design.

When trying to think of my source of hope, I had some trouble pinpointing it. I am not sure why this was difficult for me to find but I think my source of hope starts with the people. I have hope that once people realize their passion for place and how crazy lucky we are to have the life we have, we will all start making a difference.

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