Reflection of Our Wicked Ways

As this semester draws to a close, I am left with some lingering thoughts about the wicked problems of our world. We have many ecological problems threatening our world’s resources and no true solutions to fix these problems. There have been many failed attempts to reduce our carbon footprint, for a number of reasons. I believe that the main one being the world’s unified effort to help our Earth. After watching the 11th Hour documentary, I see that our world is not being treated how it should. I would think that seeing all the damage that we have caused our planet that we would be willing to do whatever it takes to help and preserve the environment’s natural resources. There are so many little things that we could do to minimize our ecological damage.

We have to start somewhere when thinking about the possible solutions and plans to help preserve our natural resources, it can be as simple as donating our clothes to choosing ceramic dishware over plastic to switching out your wasteful light bulbs. Every little bit helps and can make the world of difference when everyone is making an effort. Although, for industries to make this effort is a little more unrealistic. Industries could do things like recycling all paper products instead of shredding them or using a cooling/heating system that is solar powered. They could also redesign their company’s products to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, the government can create better incentives to dispose of waste in a proper manner and require more sustainable production. The downside to all of these ideas the time and money that will have to go into them to make them real and worthwhile.

The key to making an impact on our world is to work together. No one can do this on their own but everyone can make a difference, even if it is minuscule. As for myself, I am going to make the most conscious effort that I can to handle my own resources in the most efficient way possible. This will be my contribution to preserving the world’s most precious resources. Everyone can start by being mindful, just by limiting yourself to the things that are necessities. This is a sustainable practice that is free. I will continue to share this piece of advice to everyone I can.

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