The Earth has the Time, do We?

This short, four-week course has been incredibly eye opening in many ways. In the first class, we began watching the film, The 11thHour, and saw the different wicked problems that the world is currently facing. Within the last portion of the movie, the film makers discussed things that we need to do to help solve these wicked problems. Some of the major resolutions that stuck out to me are trying to combine the use of technology with cultural aspects, work towards a waste free industrial system, and learn to continuously treat people with kindness and respect. The filmmakers suggested different ways that the government, industry, and citizens/consumers can do to help make the world more sustainable.

During this week’s Taking Sides reading, In the no side, I read about how the government and market can have an effect on sustainability. Within this reading, one of the main aspects that stuck out to me was the LEED program. This program was not new to me because of a Professional Development that I attended at Central Rural Electric this semester. This was one of the most interesting professional development events that I have attended and I was so excited to read more about it this past week. I was able to compare some of the things that I learned while at the event with the reading. At the event, they discussed how this program could help in creating a community and having the neighborhoods known as a campus. This campus would eventually work like a living organism, that all works together.

My major takeaway from this course is how important it is for us to be mindful in our decisions, and to make major changes in the way we treat the planet. We need to implement more sustainable practices into our everyday lives to help make these takeaways possible. One quote from the movie that really stuck out to me was “The Earth has all the time in the world, but we do not.” This is so incredibly true because if we do not take care of the earth, and make positive changes to create a better future for the next generations, there will not be a future for them at all.

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