Wicked Problems Could be Solved by a Wicked Solution

Reflecting on the past four weeks it is crazy to me to think how far I have come and how much I have learned in such a short period of time. Coming into Wicked Problems I wasn’t sure what to expect, as the class finishes I am left with so much to take away. Moving forward I am now aware of how the fashion industry plays a role in environmental degradation. I know that I can help play a role in the solution by being aware of what the repercussions of trend chasing on the environment. I will begin to look at which clothes will stay in style for more than just a month in order to make them last longer and live in a more sustainable way. I now realize that every purchase I make I am voting on whether or not I support the product. From gaining the perspective of “voting” for a product by purchasing, I realized that consumers could be the ultimate solution to the problem. If consumers stopped purchasing items AKA voted no, then producers would have to find a more sustainable way to produce in order for consumers to buy their products. Although consumers could play a large role in finding a solution it is also up to the industry and the government as I learned in the 11th Hour. If industries found a new energy source such as the sun then global warming could rapidly decrease. The way that the government could play a role in this mix is by being the ones to enforce the changes that need to be made in industries. If the government, industries, and consumers were on the same page then the world could truly be transformed, it just has to start somewhere. I truly believe it must start with the industries. Yes consumers could play a big role if they stopped buying products. Unfortunately there are products that consumer’s need that have no green option available that they aren’t going to be willing to go without. Also it would be very difficult for all customers of a store to agree that they will not buy a product due to environmental hazards it’s just unrealistic and most likely will never happen. As the video was saying a heart change must occur, people must realize their passion for a place. Until Industries gain this passion and love for planet earth they won’t acknowledge a need for change. This acknowledgement could truly be the start to a very impactful cycle and would be a very wicked solution.

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