Wicked Ways

This is the end of my time in the course Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice, but this is hopefully the beginning of my time to gain even more newfound knowledge of sustainability. Whilst watching and finishing up the movie The Eleventh Hour, so many small pieces of insight have resonated with me on a very personal level. I learned that, if we as designers want to aid in renewing our environment, we must first begin by redesigning “design’ itself. As not only a future designer, but also a consumer myself, I now know that I must be certain that all of my future purchases are ones that I am proud of. To make a change in this area, consumers must understand that every purchase we make is basically a ‘vote’ for that product or service. Purchases are support in more ways than one, although we may not initially think of them as such. We must vote for our values. Take a stand and only vote for things that you would be comfortable standing up to support and also stand up against things that you would not.

Being slower and smarter with our decisions, as well as being frugal, responsive citizens is how we can begin to become more sustainable as a society. Personally, I have always viewed nature as an example of perfect design. Therefore, I see nature as my inspiration for what design should be like rather than only viewing it as a never-ending box of free resources for humans to carelessly choose from as we please. We as a society and unit need to begin to individually find our passion for place and really grow love for where we live and where our children, and many generations after us, will live as well. We need to be stewards of the land we are given and protect it against harm. Instead, we seem to be the ones creating the harmful effects that will eventually cause destruction. The world will go on after us, just as it has done before the human race. We are only causing harm to our own resources, which is basically a suicide attempt from our current generations. Humanity must act rapidly and in unison.


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