A Mindful Future

It is amazing how much of an eye opener Wicked Problems was for me. I have always been generally conscious about problems the Earth faces such as global warming, pollution, and recycling, but taking this course made me think about it on a broader spectrum. I feel like most of us are in a bubble. We wake up, go throughout our daily routines, and don’t pay much attention to things that don’t concern us. This class has made me remind myself to recycle paper and plastic, wonder where my trash is going, and how many people I could impact if I told them they should be mindful too. Our consumer culture isn’t slowing down anytime soon and neither are corporations fueling consumerism. I hope that all of us, given our career paths, will remember to be mindful in the future and become corporations that conserve energy and waste. Reflecting on the past four weeks amazes me to think that my whole perspective on the world has changed.

Not only has this class benefit me by being mindful about the Earth and wicked problems, but it has also taught me to be mindful for myself. I have gained a personal benefit by meditating and checking in on how I am feeling and perceiving the world around me. I have started to look inward and realize the potential that one person has. If all of us were mindful it would have an even greater impact. I’m excited as I think about my future and how I can impact the world, one decision at a time.

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