My Sustainability Journey

After taking this course the past few weeks my perspective of wicked problems in the environment has changed. I was never fully aware of all of the sustainability problems that have been going on. This course has taught me so much about what is going on and how I can start taking action in my own life, and educating those around me. At the end of this course we learned about efforts that individuals can take to make changes and how the government can help or hurt the environment.

At the beginning of the week started the class out with a new practice of mindful meditation. We sat silently and listened as someone guided us through the meditation. I feel like I meditate better when I am being guided through it because I can get distracted easily and my mind can wonder if I do not have some sort of guidance. We also did a reading on how individuals and the government can make changes within the environment. This reading was one of my favorite reading thus far because this was the most relevant. I personally feel like if the government were to get more involved then citizens would be less involved. I think the government would make regulations and keep things from the citizens. However, I do agree with making incentives for people. For instance, making tax incentives will make people want to make a change. This reading not only gave me insight on how the government can help but how I personally can make a change moving forward. At the end of the week we finished the movie the 11thhour. In the last part of the movie the filmmakers went into detail about solutions that can help moving forward. They never stated specific solutions to these problems, but they gave examples of what people can do to make changes and how if changes are made how it would better effect the environment and human population as a whole.

In my opinion it all comes down to the consumer and how much effort we put in to make changes. I have really enjoyed taking this class and learning more about sustainability and meditation. I plan on implementing meditation into my weekly routine and make sure I stop and focus on what is going around me and how I can make a difference. I also am going to be more aware of different ways that I can help the environment one step at a time.

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