On Our Own

As this class has come to a close I have learned so much about the environment and how our every day decisions impact the earth. After reading and arguing for the yes side on the taking sides article over whether the market works better than the government at transitioning to sustainability, it made a lot of sense. Ideas like charging for carbon and raising prices on toxic material will make a difference. The government making regulations would be highly affective as well, however it is a good start for the market to step in. If they spoke and acted upon what they believe in, they would be standing up for their beliefs. I think this is a positive step, if more companies stood up for the environment and forced the population to have no other choice but to buy alternative products that are better for the environment and cheaper, it would work. It is scary the amount of toxic sludge is dumped and leaked into communities drinking water. It may be more helpful for the government to make more regulations because even if the market increased their prices, the industry and large companies would be able to afford it. With regulations banning these toxic materials then it would really make a huge difference.

After taking this class I am going to continue to be aware and learn more about the environment. This is our planet, and the planet will survive after all but the human race may not. It is nerve wracking to know how toxic the world is growing to become just in a short amount of time. With the population growing at an extremely exponential rate, and nonrenewable resources going low, now is the time to act. This class has really changed my opinion on a great number of things and I’m very thankful. Hopefully as an interior design student and my fellow classmates we can make a difference in the future and change not only our carbon footprints but the worlds as well.

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