The broad horizon of sustainability and the wicked problems within

My 4 weeks in the wicked problems class really helped broaden my knowledge on the problems in the environment and how to be more sustainable in my own daily life. I never realized how hard it was to solve the problems like pollution and waste before this class. All these problems have no clear path to lead back to for whose responsible for it. Most wicked problems we have in our society branch out too many different industries, corporations, and even political and economic causes. So, I don’t think we can have a clear solution for making one group responsible for sustainable practices and designs.

The government has a role in implementing new policies that can help with sustainable practice and should work as a backbone for other groups to use. Not that the policies that they implement will work for everyone but having a set of rules or a foundation for sustainability will help enforce it more in the industries. The reason this hasn’t been done yet, I believe is because of the cost of making the practices global might cause the economy to increase in debt that the United States has. But this shouldn’t be a factor because of how the government already spends more money than they have. Not only should the government play a small role, but us as a society should put the practices into effect in our everyday life. Industries should also implement practices in their production process to prevent waste and pollution of water sources and air. Everyone has an impact on society and by playing our part will benefit the environment.

The wicked problems course not only increased my knowledge but made me more interested on the subject. I plan to take more courses like this in the future, not only for my curiosity with the subject but for my career after college. The more innovative our society becomes I feel like learning about wicked problems and acts to be more sustainable will benefit me going into the fashion industry. Even though this class was short I would recommend this class to someone. Gaining this knowledge will help me put it into practice in my own home.

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