Who is in charge of the future?

All of mankind is charged with the responsibility to change their actions in order to create a sustainable earth for future generations to prosper in. Every one of us is responsible for creating and furthering wicked ecological problems leading to the degradation of the environment. Each type class of people holds a certain role contributing to the diminishment of the world we live in today.
All individuals in this world, no matter their demographic, social status, or place of living acts as a consumer. Whether its the consumption of a final product created from a long chain of manufacturing or simply extracting pure substances for basic needs. As a consumer, we need to be aware of the impact our consuming creates for this earth, in order to have a more mindful approach to the way we consume and reduce the amount. Consumers can choose to be more sustainable in many ways of which involve buying fewer products, and of those products, choose the ones that place the least amount of harm on the environment to produce. We can ask ourselves, is the object we are trying to obtain is worth the exhaust it causes our world?
Members of industry partners also have a call to be responsible for the sake of the environment. Designers can research new methods to create clothing from natural resources that are able to biodegrade once disposed of, narrowing the amount of waste created by the textile industry. In addition, research can be furthered to create substitutes for harsh chemical treatments and dyes placed on fabrics during the production and finishing processes to create a particular type of textile product. Replacement of these harsh substances with natural additives can drastically reduce the amount of pollution thrown into the environment. Players of the industry can also take charge by encouraging their employees and customers to implement sustainable lifestyle practices. Improving customer awareness of sustainability issues should also be part of the responsibility of each business associated with the industry. Production methods for each separate entity should be able to be accessed easily by the consumers so that they can have a better judgment of the type of product they are willing to purchase.
Government and its officials can also contribute to implementing a more sustainable future. By creating regulations to manage the level or type of toxins allocated to the environment by each company in the industry the government can diminish some environmental damage. However, these regulations or laws need to be strictly enforced and watched to ensure improvement. Controls can be used to help adjust companies tactics from being enviornmental detrimental to environmentally friendly.
Despite the different methods, individual consumers, designers, marketers, industry officials, and government leaders, all carry a responsibility to create a more sustainable society. It will take a collective movement of all these parties in order to heavily change the direction of the impact our population has on the environment. We hope that change will come soon, as to not destroy the world we all call home.
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