Wicked problems and solutions.

Reflecting back on the past four weeks has made me realize that wicked problems do have a solution; and that is us. As people we need to be mindful and stop and think about what the major issues are in the world and how we should fix them. People tend to get wrapped up in their own small problems and don’t think about the big picture, but personally being mindful has taught me how to do that. I do believe it is possible to solve these wicked problems, but it takes time, effort and unfortunately finances. Finances seemed to be one of the biggest issues in solving problems for a sustainable world, we need funding to start it and keep it going. Business owners tend to put first how much profit they can make, not how good it is for the earth. Wouldn’t yo think that if the earth and people are healthy they will spend more money on your company? If a material is sustainable then more people will buy it, and thats so hard for me to understand that they don’t realize that. Companies need to change first, then I know the consumers will. Overall I have had so much fun with this class and appreciated everything Dr. Armstrong taught us. I have learned a new skill  of meditation and will spread the word on how important it is. If we can get the importance of mindfulness out there and show its importance there is a chance it could lead to wicked problems being solved. We need to make a difference even if it is the smallest thing; our earth needs change immediately.

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