Wicked problems week 1 reflection blog

When I think of the word sustainability I think of something strong and made to last for a long period of time. On the first day of class we went over the definition which was along the lines of “development which meets the needs of the present without prohibiting future generations to meet their own needs”. In a way, what I thought the word meant actually comes into play with the real definition. This planet we live on needs to be taken care of in a generous and caring way.  The earth was made in a way that should last for a very long time, and to help with the process we need to take care of our home to ensure that it stays well kept.

When reading Easter Island you can tell that the islanders did not take sustainability into consideration while they lived there. At times we take resources for advantage and don’t realize that there are less privileged people who will never have the opportunity we have to resources. The residents of Easter Island used up all of their resources and no longer had a way to continue living and eventually died due to lack of food, water, and transportation. I know in today’s society we are  so advanced in technology that I do not see this happening in my lifetime. Which I am very thankful to not have to worry about something so crazy like that. Non renewable resources are becoming very limited and we are turning to alternates. For example, instead of using gas in cars we now have smart cars to help with the ecosystem. That also ties into the movie 11th hour that we watched in class. I never realized how much the planet really does for us humans every day. We need to give back in a way to keep the earth clean and resourceful. So many people litter and throw waste into our water system without thinking of the repercussions of their actions. An example being sea life like turtles rapped up in plastic. These animals are defenseless and do not have a voice to speak out against this so somebody has to do so. Deforestation is also a big deal that is over looked. So many animals are loosing their homes when these trees are cut or knocked down.

The 11th hour movie is an example of a wicked problem. Somethings mentioned in the movie are too far gone and can not be reversed but some things can be solved. A wicked problem is an issue so big and so diverse that there is simply not an exact solution for it. A wicked problem is always changing and evolving as time goes on. In the case of the 11 hour, also getting worse day by day. Tamed problems have one solution, rather than a wicked problem. In the 11th hour and Easter Island you can clearly see that the six characteristics come into play. Each of the circumstances are very urgent. There could have been solutions that could have been done but now it’s too late and we have to be innovative. This first activity has really opened my eyes and made me realize that I can help make a difference and spread awareness to help. I might just be one person but it’s a start.

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