Can we change our history?

I have always heard the word sustainability and that it means some sort of way humans keep the earth better and less polluted. While diving deeper into this word I realized it has more of an impact than just keeping the earth better. It is the combination of maintaining the change of the environment to meet humans needs while keeping the nature and environment almost untouched. It is a much deeper issue that more people should become aware of because of the harsh effects everyday life has on the environment. I find it odd that as a student I have not truly learned about the true nature of the issues surrounding sustainability. With the information offered to me now I hope to learn more and develop a better understanding.

While watching the 11thHour it became clear to me that many issues have no solution. How can we as humans know how to fix what we have done? How do we know what the problems truly are? Many questions bounced around in my head while watching the movie that were never answered because the researchers behind the problems have yet to find the answers. These are Wicked problems. The ways humans answer a problem but then that answer forms a new problem. Wicked problems have no clear ending and are always circulating making it more unclear as to how we as humans can help reverse our huge impact. So with that, how can they be resolved if they are so important in keeping humans alive and the environment around us healthy.

Wicked problems are almost impossible to solve due to the number of individuals involved and their opinions and the total lack of knowledge about the issue at hand. As I watched the movie and learned more about the steps to understanding a wicked problem it is more important to quickly solve then to wrap your brain around the other new problems that can occur. These problems are so vague with the definition, meaning they are hard to pinpoint what is truly wrong. With that, the solutions are variable so it is almost harder to find a solution that works for everywhere and everyone. Then when you do put a solution in place usually a new problem arises, like the GMO problem. Making food in bulkier sizes but then they are genetically modified and have health consequences and have irreversible consequences. The most important piece to a wicked problem is the unique responses and looking at the problem/ solution in new ways someone has not yet looked at. Something that will provide an absolute answer to everyone and everywhere. It is hard for me to comprehend how someone could go through all the variables and pose a solution to a worldwide problem. This is most likely why we still have global warming as a problem. There is almost no way to solve it because people have their own ways to look and consider with before thinking of someone else’s.

After a basic understanding of a wicked problem and reading about Easter island it was interesting to think about the parallels between our world’s state compared to what happened with Easter Island. As more people went to the island the resources were used and because the soil and nutrients were being used faster than being nourished again it was hard for the land to withstand the amount of people. People began to leave and soon the population was no longer because the island couldn’t grow crops and natural life fast enough. After reading about Easter Islands problems it was evident that Its possible to still have land but no viable nutrients to uphold a population anymore. This made me think about our world and how it could be easily withering away with every tree we cut down or pollution we put in the air. But how can we change that? How can everyone be on the same page with wanting to fix the planet for the generations to follow us?

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