Bettering our Environment

Prior to this class I thought sustainability consisted of the well being of the environment. I was never sure to what extent but I was looking forward to taking a class, it has thus far allowed me to learn more about this subject. Being in the interior design field many individuals care about this within their atmosphere so learning what we can do to please these clients is important. Sustainability is the bettering of the environment to make it a safer and better place for humans to live in.

As for wicked problems I had absolutely no idea what it was, when individuals would ask me about this class I had no response for them. Within the first day I was enlightened by what my fellow classmates as well as Dr. Jaydas had to say on this subject. Wicked problems are a situation that is challenging to solve based on its constant changing; it has no real solution. To identify a wicked problem there are six characteristics. Some of these characteristics that I think of when I hear wicked problems is: “vague problem definitions” and “solutions that have no end point.” A wicked problem as mentioned earlier is an issue with a nearly impossible solution to it. There are two types of problems that many individuals often get confused with, wicked and tame problems. Wicked are more complex, where as tame are sequential.

The 11th hour is a film that allowed for a better explanation of how our world operates and how to better it to make for a better life for us as well as the future generations. Learning about this should be something that everyone should watch some of the points they made are things I have never thought that deep about but everyone does. An example would be the using up of nonrenewable resources. It is currently 2018 and we have so many alternate solutions that we are not using that we should.

During class as we were completing the worksheet it really made me think about all the problems that we have in our environment and how serious of an issue they are. Some of the issues we face that really stood out to me consist of biodiversity loss, population growth, and deforestation. Biodiversity loss is when species are becoming extinct. Limiting the hunting laws could slow biodiversity loss down. Population growth is self-explanatory yet remands to be such a large issue. This is the world having more births than death causing overpopulation. I think this will continue to be a problem since there is no real solution to solve it. Deforestation is the tearing down of the trees without replanting more. I believe deforestation is one of the simplest solutions that we can fix. As a society this is something we should be concerned about; trees play such an important role in our environment and we should be replanting one tree for every tree we tear down.

Reading about Easter Island was very interesting. I have always heard of the location but never knew the meaning behind the statues. I found it interesting that the people that lived on this island had such advanced technology although there was so much poverty and little resources. People of this Island although they had few resources they were able to create so much with what they had. Much like our society today I feel like individuals are continuing to use up resources that are so limited, we fail to think about the outcome of these poor actions. Much like the people of Easter Island if we continue to ruin our environment we will soon not be able to live in this world much long either.

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