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Sustainability is something that can be easily looked over if not brought to your attention. It is talked about, but not at the level of urgency that it should be. Before I started classes at Oklahoma State I wasn’t fully educated on what sustainability was and didn’t know of its importance. My initial understanding of sustainability was only part of a bigger picture. I thought to be sustainable you just had to do things like recycle; I now understand it is much deeper than that. Now being in the College of Human Science, I am fully aware of all the damage we are causing to our world and ways we can prevent further damage. Practicing a sustainable lifestyle if the only way to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Alongside sustainability is wicked problems, many wicked problems are caused by sustainability issues. A wicked problem can be hard to define and has no resolution due to the resolution creating further issues, there is no end point. Tame problems are different in this way because there is indeed a resolution to a tame problem. Wicked problems must be tackled from a viewpoint of learning rather than solving. Many times there are ways to make the situation of a wicked problem better or more bearable even though there is no solid answer to the issue.

The film we watched in class, the 11th Hour, was both intriguing and terrifying. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I believe that sustainability issues and wicked problems can be easily swept under the rug. Which poses the question, why is no one talking about this? I believe that if everyone knew of the severity of these issues more would be done to solve them or we would at least live in a way that points our future in the right direction.

The six characteristics of wicked problems can show where the problem can be the hardest to solve. Not all wicked problems fall under all six categories. These six characteristics make wicked problems harder to solve than regular problems.

Activity 1 put into perspective the different characteristics that wicked problems can fall under. Each problem is widely different and needs to be handled differently. I learned that not all wicked problems can be looked at in the same way and emphasis needs to be placed on specific characteristics.

We can learn a lot from the collapse of the civilization on Easter Island. They exploited their resources which is something we are doing today at a rapid rate. The way they competed against each other for higher status or respect is also something we are constantly doing today. Today people consume an unnecessary amount of resources to climb the social later. People compete to look better or have more. This is one of the reasons that the people of Easter Island did not survive, the chiefs of each clan wanted to become better than the other. Rather than wanted to live in abundance we should only consume what we need. Not exploiting our resources is crucial to the survival of our future.


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