Blog 1 wicked problems and sustainability

When I was enrolling for classes and my advisor said I needed this class for my major I remember sitting there and thinking, “What is a wicked problem?” After class last week I learned what sustainability is and also learned more about what a wicked problem is. Before class I never really thought about sustainability or knew what it was. I learned that sustainability is the process of maintaining change and a wicked problem is a problem that is almost impossible to solve and also takes more than one person to solve it. A wicked problem is not just a regular problem where you can solve it and be done.  A wicked problem is very hard to solve due to things constantly changing.

For the first week of class we watched a movie called the eleventh hour. In this video it talked a lot about wicked problems we are facing every day on earth and how what we do everyday has a big effect on earth and every human and animal that lives on it. A wicked problem from the eleventh hour is deforestation and how humans are constantly wiping out trees and that kills off a lot of animals and natural lands that this earth needs. On day two last week the activity we were given made me think and use my brain a lot and taught me more about what a wicked problem is.

After reading Easter Island there was may things that happened on that island that is also happening in the United States that if we do not start changing our ways many things are going to start going bad. In the Easter Island reading they chopped so many trees down that it started killing and getting rid of animals they needed so they could continue to live. In the United States we are also chopping down many trees that provide homes for many animals and getting rid of nature because we do not think we need it when we actually do. Another way Easter Island is similar to the United States is because Easter Island had few resources and then once a couple humans came more and more started coming and overpopulated the island and the few resources they had were gone. The United States is becoming over populated and also has few natural resources and if we continue to live the way we are living and getting rid of nature and the forests we need soon there will be nothing.

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