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Before class started Ive never heard of a ‘wicked problem’ before or had much knowledge about sustainability. But from what I would guess is that sustainability is the use of trying to limit the amount of recourses you use and the actual definition is “the ability to maintain things at a certain rate or level. However a  wicked problem is when a problem is impossible to solve, due to the fact that there can be changing requirements that can be difficult to recognize. A tame problem is a problem that can be solved. After learning the definition of a ‘wicked problem’ it all makes sense of why the word ‘wicked’ is in the name.

The 11th hour video was eye opening, I had a dream that night after watching it that the world began to flood and crumble due to global warming. This video had an effect on me, it defiantly made me more aware and self conscious of my carbon footprint. I have heard of global warming before, but I’ve never really understood the full meaning and all of the effects it has on our earth. After watching the video I defiantly want to be more self aware of the amount of food I buy and the watch the amount of water I waste, what kind of chemicals I put out into the world, try to become better at recycling and try to live a more energy free lifestyle. Before watching the video I didn’t know the extent of how our world is in danger, its terrifying. I wish more people would watch this video and understand that we need and can do better.

The six characteristics that make a wicked problem difficult to solve include: 1. Vague problem definitions, 2. Variable solutions, 3. Solutions have no end point, 4. Solutions pose irreversible effects, 5. Solutions require unique approaches and 6. Urgent. These six characteristics help us try to solve a wicked problem. I have heard about Easter Island but I didn’t know much about it, I just thought it was an island with large stone rocks on it. Reading this article was very interesting, I had no idea how many people used to live there considering no one knows how the rocks got there. There’s a lot to take away from Easter Island, we need to look at how they survived with as few resources as possible. Our nation is so prone to thinking we need to have the best of the best of everything and because of this we all buy unnecessary things that we think we need to survive, which in turn leads to a lot of unnecessary stuff just piling up. The people on Easter Island lived and survived with what they had, as a nation we need to learn how to do this.

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