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I thought Sustainability originally was a concept where people would create a solution too hard to solve issues, while I wasn’t very far off since its definition is the “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. A wicked problem is a problem that can be solved with a solution but ends up with more problems to arise. While, a tame problem is problem that is solved with a solution that doesn’t lead to more issues. My thoughts on the 11th hour are that firstly, it made me slightly nervous since this movie we were watching came out in 2003ish and it is currently 2018. So, I just have to wonder how bad Global warming has gotten. This also lead me to question why is global warming is a political debate when its 100% real and happening. This is a huge wicked problem we have been trying to solve yet it only had led to more issues, especially politics. While wicked problems are problems that are solved with solutions that lead to more issues. They are also problems that are difficult to point out, like needing to teach people the fact that global warming isn’t a lie for example. If teams are to approach a wicked problem, they will need to make things up as they go in order to solve the issue. These issues also are not usually good or bad, they also usually don’t have an end result. These issues also have more than one explanation as to why they arise as an issue. Lastly, if these issues are given solutions the ones to give the solutions should be responsible for their actions since, any wicked problem will eventually lead to more issues. Like Activity 1, I learned there are a lot more issues in the field of Global warming than just Global warming, for example the fact that fossil fuels are running out, and running out quickly. We as the US and the entire world are heading into the same direction as Easter Island did. I learned this from out reading since like they did at their height, they over used goods and eventually lead to the end of their civilization since they used up all their goods and ended this civilization and most all the plant and animal biodiversity on the island. Like the US is now over using their goods and will also eventually go down this road if we as a whole don’t stop.

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