go to school and NATURE is cool

The first day of class turned my world upside down. Watching the 11th hour on the first day of class was the little slap in the face, I needed to open my eyes and face the fact that our world is sick and crying for help. I’m just living out my day to day routine not paying any attention to mother nature or practicing ways to help save it.  We have to start making changes and start thinking of sustainable ideas that will help reduce, reuse, and recycle what we have because if not, we will not sustain the amount of resources we need to survive. 11th hour said it like this “we need to stop treating mother nature like it’s our property” and become more cohesive and really let nature speak to us. I think that how the 11th hour and Easter island are similar because in Easter island the islanders took advantage of the trees to build these massive statues. The competition and arrogance took over and they were too blind to see all their natural resources diminishing in the process. The 11th explains just that! If we don’t stop and save our natural resources and make a small change to help our planet, then unfortunately we are headed were Easter Island ended up.

This is why I think the definition of sustainability has evolved because we have to implement the little things into our daily lives to create change and to get people listening. As well and come up with creative and innovative solutions to wicked problems that are so hard to solve.  The reason why wicked problems are so hard to solve is because there is diversity everywhere and it’s hard to get everyone on the same page. Just like when they said that people are responding to the higher power such as the “oil industry” this makes it very hard to agree on something especially when money is involved. Unlike a Tame problem, were there is one common enemy and there are more people on board. Solving a wicked problem, it’s hard to find the exact solution that works cohesively throughout the world and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In which case could cause cascading effects or unintended consequences. Then our solution could have irreversible effects that have real consequences! WOW! now that’s a lot to think about lol…  That’s why we need unique approaches and we need them fast! Even in activity 1 the issues listed like deforestation, climate control, population growth etc. its so hard to come up with solutions that fix those because we have all these underlying factors that play in to the role.

What I took away from week one is that I take too much stuff for granted and need to start paying attention/ implementing little changes in my life if I ever want to help make a big change to save our beautiful planet. Wicked problems are complex and difficult but if we all work together we can really make a difference!

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