Rise above our Ignorance

I have always understood that sustainability was a major issue, not just in general but specifically in relations to how our generations have been treating this earth. But with our short time in class already I have seen the “wicked problems” that cause sustainability to be such an important topic. We as humans are breaking down so many aspects of this beautiful planet at a rapid rate and sustainability is our group effort to prevent that. Sustainability is every tiny thing we do to fix our destructive nature. It relates directly to every wicked problem of this world. For example the wastefulness of the apparel and interior production industry is a major issue. So much fabric is thrown away, we could reuse these fabrics for other things or maybe even create a fundraiser and sell bracelets made of scrap fabric to aid sustainability efforts and push recycling. This is different from a tame problem mainly because of how big this industry and how much is wasted with each piece made. 

The 11th hour was mostly just a straight up shock to me. It was back to back issues and not just little easily fixed problems, each one was a wicked problem that would be a big challenge to face. It is very scary to just see them throw out how horrible and how many problems there are. And most of them are human made problems. The real question is how to go about getting through this, what is going to happen if we just sit aside and keep letting all of it happen? Do we even have a chance at this point? And considering most of these do categorize as a wicked problem due to the 6 characteristics we are just in deep. Personally the scariest part to me is the no end point characteristic. How do we have so many seemingly unsolvable problems that we see no future in which it is fixed. 

Activity 1 was another major eye opener. Going through and thinking back to examples of each problem makes you also see how widespread these issues are. As for the Easter Island topic I feel like we need to use it as an example to learn from our mistakes. They ignored what they were doing to their home and because of that they brought themselves closer and closer to death. They caused the extinction of each and every life on that island simply because of their ignorance. We cannot do that to every life form on this planet. We need to rise above our ignorance and be smarter about our choices. 

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