sustain our earth

Sustainability is not something that is consistently thought about, by me personally. I have only come to realize recently that these problems are not just going to go away and that it takes a whole community, not just a single individual. The idea of sustainability is to keep everything as well functioning as possible without depleting the world of its natural resources. I had always heard about those who are extreme recyclers and global warming. I believe I was just hoping that many of these life long issues are not being addressed properly because people think the issues are to far fetched to deal with. 

Scientist explain everyday that the world is consistently getting warmer, we are running out of land, the populating is constantly climbing. We cannot continue to live the way we do, if we would like this world to be around for future generations. Not all species are still living. Ever heard of Dodo Birds? They used to walk the planet among countless other species. They are no longer here because they did not have to mental capacity to think about things like a future and sustainability. My goal from entering this class, is to educate myself on the threatening issues we are up against today. I need to be doing every little thing that I can, from recycling to patching holes in clothing, instead of purchasing new garments. 

I was appalled by the story of Easter Island, I had always head of the island and its mysterious ways. Unfortunately, it is no longer that large of a mystery. One way or another, the Easter Island civilians are no longer living and thriving, due to the inevitable consequences of lack of resources. This story is a prime example or the world as a whole. Humans will cease to exist if we continue to ignore our dwindling resource supply and the amount of individuals that walk this earth.

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