Sustainability and wicked problems

As far as I understand, sustainability is when things can keep going, can sustain themselves and continue into the future. For example, the sustainability of our planet is to provide fresh air, clean water, produce food and especially allow us to have a high quality of life. However, this definition has changed from sustainability to be unsustainable because of our sabotage. It can lead to a wicked problem. Wicked problems are all the issues that difficult to solve, or in other words impossible to solve. Because we do not know how to hold on to what we already have but destroy it so we make ourselves problems that cannot be solved. And as we continue to think concerning solutions, we at the same time create more problems. One problem is a wicked problem is when there is no definitive or very vague formula. The solutions to this problem can be only not true or false. There is no ideal ending state, or in other words, there is no end point. We do not try to solve the problem, but rather find ways to improve the situation. Wicked problem is unique. Those solutions pose irreversible effects, so those who offer methods to solve wicked problems need to take full responsibility for their actions.

What I said above is clearly shown through the movie “11th hour.” The film told almost all the wicked problems that we faced today. I wondered whether these problems are due to nature or the impact of our being or both. And I gave myself the answer that was because of us, human. Most of the issues mentioned in the movie were not too strange to me, but there was one thing that surprised me was that the abuse of natural resources has inadvertently created so many wicked problems. Similar to the story of Easter Island, it also told of human impact on nature. One example is that the island was scarce regarding resources, but people still cut down trees to build statues. Nowadays, we are also going down the same path with what told in the story. Through activity 1, after reading the Easter Island story, I realized that we are now facing both the old problems and new problems that we are gradually creating.

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