What would a more sustainable world look like?

What would a more sustainable world look like?

This week this class has really opened up my eyes on wicked problems and sustainability. In my opinion when I think of a wicked problem I think of a problem that has multiple issues to it and a problem that is obviously very dynamic and hard to solve. Sustainability goes hand and hand with many wicked problems. Problems that have to do with sustainability are usually wicked. Prior to this class I didn’t really know what sustainability was or how it affected our day to day lives. After being in this class for two days I have come to find out that sustainability is a much more powerful thing than I had originally thought. Sustainability is a wicked problem and to tame this problem you need multiple efforts from a variety of people.
After watching the 11th hour it really opened my eyes up to the sustainability issues here on the planet we all come home. Sustainability is almost like going green in a way, being kind to our earth. To keep our planet sustained we must take multiple efforts to help the earth be a happy and healthy place. The 11th hour movie really showed us many problems that affect sustainability that we are currently facing living her on earth such as pollution deforestation and climate change. Each of these factors come with a wicked problem on how we can fix or reverse these things that us humans have created and caused. There is no black and white answer it’s a hard answer that causing many people to get out of their comfort zone and do something different to help the earth.
There are six characteristics of a wicked problem all of these characteristics deal with a wicked problem being hard and difficult to figure out. Most of the characteristics also describe a uniqueness to the problem. The characteristic that stands out most to me is that the solutions have no end point. Essentially a wicked problem is never ending. During activity one we really touched on these points. Activity one really helped me understand wicked problems better and how they are formed and pursued.
Easter island was very interesting to read about. Easter island almost represents the world today but on a much smaller scale. The main point I got out of the easter island reading was they only had so much of everything and once they ran out the town went into a crisis. This one day will be our world if we don’t conserve fossil fuels today.

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