Wicked Problems

Open your eyes and look within are you satisfied with the life you living (Bob Marley). Let’s see the nature which is evolving just like the human is evolved as the science mentioned. Nature is evolving with the passage of time if we look into the early history of the planet our planet was cold even makes the routes to reach to the other continents. Now evolution is at a more rapid speed where global warming is the biggest issue which is not easy to solve.

Looking into the depth of problems in which we are captured is the bad habits of the human what will happen tomorrow? This question frustrates us and in reality, this question is not answerable. Few of the people respond to that question is that our creator will take care of us! Some people say it’s none of our business we are living and we will die. Finally, some people respond to this question we should take care of our planet so that our next generations will be able to survive. For this purpose, humans on this planet had taken the measures in order to reduce the impact of the global warming. In addition, they are looking to reduce the pollution which is another complex issue. Human waste is polluting our planet from the decades especially seas where there is another universe of the animals who lived. Some of the scientists had researched in the deep water and make the conclusion that element which helps to generate the oxygen is reducing and that element is also a living creature. Our pollution in the seas impacting on them and they are dying and a day will come when there is no oxygen. Also, there is also a prediction about the next war which will be on the water as the world had fewer resources for the water to help the human. A question comes in mind that our planet is made up of 71% of water and 29% of the land where all these resources will go? The answer is that rainfall will be decreased with the passage of time and there will not be enough water for the people to drink and there is a possibility that rain falls will be made up of acid clouds which will impact on the plants on the planets which helps to generate oxygen.

Is there is any solution to these problems? Yes, there is a solution but it is not the complete one as we can reduce the rate of destruction of our planet to live more years on this planet but ultimately things will be in the worst case. Is there is a chance to improve the health of the planet? An answer comes yes there is a chance to heal the planet if we do plant trees and helps water to be kept in the right format in the dams and using it intelligently. A question comes to mind that what about the pollution which is increasing day by day? The answer is that we are adding pollutants to our environment we can reduce them in order to protect our planet but it will keep working and this planet will end one day.

In conclusion, we can say that it is one of reality that the world is destructible and it will not be able to support the life. As mentioned in the holy books that one day this world will be ended and we will be gathered backed in front of our creator. We will be wake up from the deep sleep and we will be answerable to the Almighty who had created us. This conclusion can conflict with some religious thoughts but somehow it can satisfy if we had intensive knowledge about the supernatural power.

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