Are you being mindful?

Do you ever think about what is really happening around you at all times? When we are in a constant state of business and always on the go you do not really think about what is actually happening because it’s human nature to get tied up in our own life’s. I have never really been mindful until we talked about it in wicked problems class. As being a college student I would make excuses as to why I’m not being mindful and self aware to my surroundings. It’s okay to just stop and take deep breathes and just have a moment to think about everything. I think everyone should be mindful. Being mindful helps your state of happiness towards yourself and others. Mindfulness always ties into being empathetic. Which in my opinion is a great quality to have. In Marc Cohen’s TED Talk, he really went into the happiness aspect. It never really came to mind that happiness is different for each individual person. Happiness is broken down into dimensions- which comes in the form as spiritual, financial, educational, and even environmental. Just because your form of happiness comes in how you may go shopping with you best friend doesn’t mean that is the definition of happiness for another. This TED Talk also made me aware and mindful that there are things bigger than just you.

In the Mindfulness and Sustainability reading I liked how it was broken down into a few sections. I really enjoyed the values sections of the reading. Values are very important and are what make up a person- making them live by these values. While most of a persons values are inherited, it’s okay to create your own set of values. Also in this section it’s discusses perceived obsolescence- which is when there is the need to replace something that is working just fine, with the new and improved product instead. This is seen happening everywhere, especially in America. When the newest IPhone hits the shelves no one hesitates to stand outside in a huge line waiting to exchange their perfectly good IPhone 7 for the IPhone 10. In the yes/ no reading I was assigned to read the yes side. There were a lot of good points in the reading but I agree with the no side. There was a portion I read that really stuck with me- more wealthier people release more fossil fuels into the ecosystem compared to the less income families. This does make sense, in the way that wealthier families can afford more cars and even planes. I just had not ever thought about that. Then we have people complaining because their tax money goes to helping lower income and poverty families but they aren’t the ones ruining our environment. This ties into activity two. The problem I want to explore is climate change. You always hear about how bad global warming and how the ice is melting. It just never really sank in until we started to talk about this in class. This is a real thing that is occurring right now. I want to look into ways that we can stop this or help put a stop to it.

Paradigm also ties into everything I have said previously. It goes hand and hand with values, mindfulness, and happiness. This is the lens in which we see the world. When we were doing the Wildest Things work sheet, it put into perspective what others thoughts were. What someone may gripe about is what someone may dream about. I thought it was really fun to see what everyone’s thoughts were in the room. Eventhough you might hear someone laughing about your silly/crazy dream across the room.



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