Becoming Mindful of the World

Mindfulness is a new way of going about your day. Many times I catch myself getting so caught up in the little things of daily life, such as social media, current clothing trends, plans for the weekend, etc. It is very easy to fall into the cycle of consumerism? Taking a step back and training myself to be more mindful will help me and could help others as well. Mindfulness meditation is “paying attention to one’s body, feelings, thoughts, and surrounding or context”. It generally means being more aware of yourself and what goes on around you. I think if we all took time out of our days to focus on being more mindful, there would be less arguments, more things to be thankful for, and an overall better day.

In Marc Cohen’s Ted talk, he mentions that it is hard to be happy if you yourself are not well. He mentioned several times the concept if we separate ourselves from the universe, we limit ourselves. There is a saying Marc Cohen touches on – “for every negative thought, there is an equally positive thought”. This phrase touched me the most during his talk. It is so easy to complain about how the world has wronged you each day, how life is not fair. Cohens saying reminds me that the world is not against me, the world simply is. I am the maker of my own happiness and can choose joy over negativity each day.  What kind of world would it be if everyone applied these concepts? The ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability’ reading made me even more aware of how the world is certainly bigger than just me, but, I cannot make a difference unless I am mindful of my own well-being.

The Yes-No reading we had in class over globalization was thought provoking. The possibility of the rest of the world adapting to how America is living right now was certainly alarming. Our world could not physically support this type of over consumption. How would third world countries survive if they over used the limited resources they have?

In Activity two, I got the chance to explore a problem in the world that is considered wicked. The problem I am most interested in is the pollution in our oceans. The pollution has been getting worse and worse as the years have gone by and the world has turned a blind eye. Resolving these problems starts with one person and one plan. Each person can make a difference- starting with something as simple as not using plastic straws or Styrofoam cups, bringing your own bags to grocery stores, or recycling. Change begins when one person stands up for what they believe is important. In the Wildest Thing worksheet, we were required to think of crazy ways to solve wicked problems. Some ideas seemed far-fetched; however, to solve a wicked problem one must think uniquely and outside the box. I think if we all worked together to think of new ways to solve pollution, hunger or poverty, we could find new solutions that have not been discovered. So why don’t we work together? Why does everyone think they cannot be a part of the solution? In some other countries, it is a requirement to recycle, to save our earth. Perhaps the American government needs to regulate recycling and impose a fine for people not participating. The world must make a valiant effort if our environment is going to be protected.

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