All About Mindfulness

All About Mindfulness

Mindfulness in my opinion is essential to your health. This weeks class really open my mind up to becoming a more mindful person. Mindfulness means being aware of everything around you. This concept of mindfulness can be viewed in many different ways. Some people view mindfulness as only as a buddhist practice but I view mindfulness as a practice that helps the mind relax. I also view mindfulness as well-being which is beneficial to everyone. There are always positive consequences for being mindful. The ted talk we watched in class also correlated with the concept of mindfulness. I really liked how Marc Cohen referred a lot to the term bliss. Bliss and mindfulness go hand and hand for me. To achieve bliss I think you have to be in a mindful state. I really enjoyed this ted talk, he was really good with his words and making everything make sense. After learning all about mindfulness this week I think it is very easy to achieve.

The problem I want to explore is global warming. The topic of global warming has come up a lot in this class and in the responsibility mapping and wildest thing activity. I am learning that this problem is very popular within my classmates as well. Global warming is a huge deal to me because I don’t want to live in a world that is not being taken care by the people who live in it and global warming is a perfect example of that. If we don’t change our habits now when will we? When the ice caps are 99% gone? What is it going to take for people to change there ways and help the world we live in? If people around us don’t take action now how much longer are we going to have here on earth? We need to be mindful about global warming and the major effects it’s having on our home. I don’t understand how and why people are just ignoring this huge problem we are facing. After doing the readings and activities in class it really made me feel like i wasn’t the only one thinking about this problem but that there are many more people who keep global warming in the back of their minds as well. 

In all, this weeks class made me feel like everyone has a wicked problem in the back of their head that they are always being mindful about, such as mine, global warming. The ted talk stuck out to me the most this week because Marc Cohen really touched on everything in my head such as mindfulness, bliss, and the issue of global warming. My biggest take away of this weeks class was no matter what state you are in bliss and mindfulness is always achievable, even though we have all these problems in the world around us we can still reach a state of pure bliss. #wp

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