A Vortex of I’s and We’s

Mindfulness is essential to mental health and it can be overlooked very easily and is very often. It is also a very useful tool to help the world become a more sustainable place. After reading the article over mindfulness and sustainability I noticed a major part of that is realizing the world is more than just you. In order to be healthy mentally and be mindful, it is crucial to realize that your happiness depends on those around you. You need to be there when those who are important to you need help. Lifting others up will have positive effects on your personal happiness. So in order to be healthy you should make an effort to bring happiness to others around you too. As for that in relation to sustainability, you also need to think about how your actions affect others. If you are harming the environment it will have negative effects in the future. If you focus on trying to make the world a better and more sustainable place for future generations, you will have more motivation to fix it. It’s just like the vortex mentioned in Marc Cohen’s ted talk, it is based over illness and wellness. But, in order to find your balance in mental health you need to focus on the we and not the I. Your balance is not determined by yourself it is determined by the world, so in order to find balance you need to be the one to step forward and help. 

On another note as mentioned in the yes/no reading, as easy as that sounds it is also hard to bring others to that same point of view. People get so involved in their every day personal lives, they start to ignore the bigger picture and don’t really care about helping others since its such a big task. My problem that I am exploring is the extreme waste within the fashion industry, and this is extremely true in relation to that. Its a global problem that affects everyone and the majority of the world is just ignoring the issue or just don’t see that it is happening. 

Personally, I believe if we all looked in to one issue we could at least find one little initiative we could make ourselves to create a more sustainable world. As for my topic, I think there could be a fashion forward recycling effort made to find alternate uses for your clothing that is too worn out to be worn again without being altered or remade in some way. I believe it would be like a chain reaction effect. Maybe if I did something small to help a wicked problem, somebody else will be inspired to do something small to help a wicked problem, and again, until there are so many people doing this that we could find the bigger solutions to help fix the problem together. 

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