A Step Back from Reality

Meditation has been a reoccurring activity apart of this class. I find it very helpful for the early morning to grasp the ideas thought of during the first half of class. Knowing that the art of meditation is ultimately a religious practice, I was turned off doing it myself and thought it was wrong for me to participate if I have my own religion. After talking about it in class, I don’t understand why more individuals don’t use this practice. Meditation opens your mind to so many new ideas while relaxing all your senses. Reading about the mindfulness article I left understanding that the world cannot be healthy unless the people living in it are. Why do people try to solve others problems before facing their own? Why do so many people hide the fact that are hurting? Mental health is the easiest problem to hide from others around you but the hardest problem to solve. Meditation helps your own mental state of mind and actually broadens your thought processes in the best way possible. It reinvents your mind and helps balance your thoughts.

My thoughts about meditation carried on into the TED Talk Marc Cohen gave on his view of mindfulness. One part of his talk stood out to me the most and he posed the question if you buy a product that does not care about the environment are you saying you don’t care? Honestly it made me realize I don’t look into the places I buy my clothes from, I don’t know if they take extra precautions for the environment and that scared me. How can I begin to see the companies background in sustainability? Cohen also talked about that most people either view the world in a positive state or negative. That the world is plotting against you or is going to make you happy. The world just is, it’s just the way you view your experiences. That was interesting for me to hear because I’ve never thought that. I thought about it like this, if someone went through the same experiences as me, would they be happy also?

Having learned about mindfulness before reading the taking sides article, I was very awakened by the detrimental impacts that we are doing to the world. We are using 1/3 more of Earths capacity than what’s available. This thought was solidified when I read that to get back to the normal amount of fossil fuels we use, we would have to build 200sq miles of solar power every second, 100 meters of solar thermal every second, plus 24 3-megawatt wind turbines every hour. But if we did this we would be emitting to much carbon dioxide that it wouldn’t be beneficial. This was outrageous for me to put into perspective and I just wonder how we even got to this point. What if we changed the way we viewed people with money and instead we viewed people with good sustainability concepts in the same way. How would this help benefit our society?

When we did the wildest thing in class, it helped me brainstorm my idea for activity 2.  As my learning community thought of wicked problems we would like an answer to, I was processing what I would personally like to research. I noticed I kept coming back to the “fast fashion” concept in our industry. I want to look into how this fad is truly affecting the environment and how we can step back and change the view of the consumers so that they would rather have quality over quantity. Right now consumers are so consumed with wanting the cheapest article of clothing and doesn’t care about the effects to the world it caused to make. If we all take mindfulness into consideration while shopping or as we enter our career we can start the change and set a new pace for the consumer world of fashion.

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