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Mindfulness is not something I had put much thought into.  I like to think I am usually aware of my surrounding and try to live in the moment as much as possible.  Meditation is a very new concept to me, and at first I did not see the connection between living a more sustainable life and being mindful.  

In the TED talk with Marc Cohen, he talks about living a mindful life.  He discusses the importance of wellness and having a harmony between internal and external forces. It is all about living a happy life and in order to do so we must surround ourselves with a happy environment.  This is where the correlation between sustainability and being happy come into play.  If we are more mindful and aware of our surroundings and what kind of decisions we are making then we can help the environment which will in the long term, make us happier.  

The hard part about all of this and what makes it such a wicked problem, are all of the factors that come into play.  I was part of the YES argument which talked about our economy and its importance on sustaining a more environmentally friendly world.  At the start of the reading all I could think about was how much I disagreed with all of it. However, after the reading I was more aware of their side of the argument and could see what they were saying.  If people don’t have the money to spend of more sustainable items then they obviously will not.  Another thing they talked about was how having a better economy allows for people to make advancements and to always look for new ways to make things and the process more sustainable.  It was all about having the competition among the companies forcing them to always bettering themselves to get people to buy more things.  A question I posed to the class was their opinion on the matter.  It ultimately came down to the people and how we can change the way people think about sustainability. 

Living a mindful life and trying to live a more sustainable life is important, but so is the economy.  It is hard because no one has come up with a way to sustain needs for both the environment and the economy.  I would like to say that having a good economy is not important, but I also see their argument and how it does have its affects.  Without an economy the world can not go round and people would go broke and starve.  Unless we went way back in time to when the population was small enough for the natural world to sustain, then I do not see how we can only address the sustainability issue. 

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