Blog 2

Mindfulness starts with you as a person. A lot of people also don’t understand the concept of mindfulness in a meditation setting. To me mindfulness is understanding yourself in relation to everything around you. The more you meditate the more you will get in touch with your surroundings and understand them better. This leading to mindfulness since you no longer want to ignore how you treat others or the world and start to treat the world better. Also the more you understand the outside world the more likely to achieve wellness. Like Marc Cohen talked about in his Ted talk with wellness, he says Harmony and wellness relates to internal and external worlds, meaning if you are mindful in your thinking harmony will be created in your internal and external world’s leading into wellness. This also relates since the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential. When reading the article “Mindfulness and sustainability” I learned that when it comes to mindfulness when you begin meditation in an outside place and with sustainability in mind, you are more likely to then begin more sustainable thinking and grow this thinking into every day practices and from there your lifestyle will be more sustainable. On the yes no reading it was really eye opening since I usually don’t think of it that way. I learned from this that there are different ways of thinking like if we were to be ricer then we would be able to use this to make the world better since if we had a lot of land we would want to better the environment with this money. On the activity two reading I also had an eye opening experience since I struggled to find a wicked problem due to the fact that I wanted to do it over oil issues but then I ended up finding an article over ecosystem and it really opened my eyes to how this has gotten so bad. During the wildest thing I also was given an eye opening experience since it really made me think out of the box along with seeing how well others do with thinking outside of the box as well.

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