Little Less Consumption, Little More Happiness

Mindfulness is defined as an attentive, non-judgmental view to the present moment. This leads to wellbeing, which is not only beneficial in personal happiness, but happiness of everyone around you as well. While mindfulness is something good in present moments, it is not so much a big picture way to view things. So, even though as humans we may be being mindful, it takes the same attention to detail from a large number of people to make an impact. The western culture of consumption has given the Earth a beating. This is not a problem that can be changed overnight, the culture has to shift in the world. Many things that I personally hate that is happening to the environment I am not willing to give up, like my car for example. These things that bring convenience, also negatively impact the very world around us. We have patterns and norms that have to be broken for change to occur on a serious level. Marc Cohen brings up a theory that would see positive changes in the environment and not only mental, but physical health. Not dwelling on the things that can not be changed, such as the past, rather planning towards the future with understanding of the past is the healthy way to resolve this issue. What if the thing we focused on was not material gain, but the happiness we feel from everyday items, actions, and thoughts?

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